Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Throttle cable.

I made up this bracket today to stand the throttle cable off the bulkhead. (I made a different design yesterday but had to throw that one away!)

The day closed with me puzzling which of the three holes on the carburetor lever arm I should be using. The middle one appears to give me 100% of the range but it is a very close thing. I would think the stops on the carb should be the limits, not the range of the control handle. I think I will ask for advice.

Postscript 6th Feb '08 - I worked on these cables again all afternoon. The range at each end appears to be just about identical. 100% of the range of quadrant movement gives you 100% range down at the carb. I want the carb to be controling the system, so what I plan to do is replace the washers in the quadrant with 1/8th sections of ally tube. This will incresae the range, at the quadrant by about 1/16th at each end.

The mixture control requires only about 95% of the quadrant range so is much easier to set up. Here is where I got to at the end of the afternoon at this end of the cables.

You can see the other end if you go here. http://gikonfwf.blogspot.com/2008/02/throttle-and-mixture-linkage.html#links.

Feb. 9th - The cables are almost finalised now. I have decided to make one change. Currently the throttle cable is a 48", but I will replace it with a 50" to give it a little more freedom. If the engine starts wagggling about I worry something will be stressed.
The prop is a 55" and the mixture a 60". I have put a first picture showing a little of the cable runs forward of the firewall here. http://gikonfwf.blogspot.com/2008/02/oil-cooler-oil-lines-and-control-cables.html#links

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