Thursday, January 17, 2008


The fuel system inside the fuselage is complete.

I installed the 'Red Cube' FT-60 fuel flow transducer today. It is installed between the electrical and mechanical pump, and after the Andair gascolator which I am using as a fuel filter. They ask for 5" of straight tube before the fuel enters and the same after. I haven't quite achieved the former. but doubt this will be a problem. If it is I will just have to bend up another bit of ally pipe.

I wonder why they have the connection wire exiting the top. I would rather it had come out of any other face!.

Here is another view.

The corrugated duct in this picture, is to take electrics through the cut out in the spar. There is just room for this without interfering with the control column. It will need to be stabilised very carefully when the wiring is complete.

I wanted to keep the forward compartment empty.
The battery is forward of the firewall. With the fuel related items above, located in the next compartment aft, with the stick, with the exception of the fuel pipe you see, I have this to use for a small bag, and also to adjust the CofG as necessary.


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