Monday, April 02, 2007


Rear Seat Installation

This area is subject of an SB from VANS some 10 years ago. SB 97-05-1.
I think the SB caused the steel triangular brackets to be added, and they were not there before. They are standard on my plans. I think the purpose of the bracket is to stop the bulkhead collapsing backwards, and letting the seat, and buba, fall across the elevator pushrod. It is less than clear, because the SB refers to several figures which are not included.

I am a bit confused though, as to how the weight of the passenger is to be transmitted from the seat to the bulkhead itself. It appears very crude if the intent is point contact like you see in the second picture. I wonder what others have done?

I would simply box in the sides of the seatback thereby adding a bearing point and strenght to the side rails of the seat.
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