Thursday, January 11, 2007


Installing the Wings

This turned out to be a very easy task. We had expected it take the whole day. With a little grease on the bolts, and a very light wooden mallet, the whole job took less than 75 minutes without any swearing.

The only slight hang up was getting the rear spar to fit between the two 'ears' in the side of the fuselage.
It is unclear quite how many bolts you need to safely support the wings. We took the decision to install 4 AN6 bolts into each wing root, together with one of the AN3 and AN4 bolts on each side, to take the weight.

While waiting for help with the wings, I had started to look at the canopy frame. I think it will be several months until I return to this task, since installation of the wings makes possible so many tasks that need to be done.

The canopy work will be much more easily undertaken when the wings are back off.

The wing installation continues under the the 'wings' section of this blog.


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